Step Up For Students Agreed-Upon Procedures

The Key to Submitting Step Up Reports? An Experienced CPA.
Apr 01, 2019

The Key to Submitting Step Up Reports? An Experienced CPA.

Step Up For Students, McKay, AAA and Gardiner scholarships provide important opportunities to the students at Florida’s schools. To ensure your school continues to receive funding, an Agreed-Upon Procedures Report (AUP) must be submitted by a CPA if your school receives more than $250,000 in funding. As the leading AUP provider, Verdeja, De Armas & Trujillo (VDT) has the experience and knowledge.

Here is what you should consider when choosing a CPA for an AUP:

1.    Timing: Step Up tests schools in four different areas to determine their scholarship fund eligibility: existence of students, attendance of students, billing uniformity and appropriate expenditures. To prove the existence of students, a CPA must perform existence testing by meeting with students to view their presence in your school. This MUST be completed before the end of the current school year.

2.    Accuracy: An incorrect AUP report can jeopardize your school’s funding for the upcoming year. It is crucial that an accurate report be completed by a trustworthy CPA with experience and knowledge of the process. Because of the quality of VDT’s reports, our firm’s AUPs have been used as training materials by the state of Florida.

3.    Access to Knowledge: Just like no student is the same, no school is the same and no AUP is the same. Understanding this, our CPAs have built a strong relationship with the state of Florida and the Scholarship Funding Organizations. We have an open dialogue with administrators to have all questions answered timely and ensure that your school’s AUP is correctly completed.

If your school receives in excess of $250,000 in the accumulation of state scholarships (Step Up, AAA, McKay, Gardiner),give VDT a call, and let us help you continue to receive the funding to provide a quality education to our students.


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